Eligibility Benefit Management System (EBMS)

CITI’s enterprise “Eligibility Benefit Management System” (EBMS) is a reusable and highly configurable application which allows for effective decision making across a wide spectrum of Human Services. EBMS is built on a foundation of core domain experience gained from deep collaboration with clients and end users.

EBMS supports most federal and state child welfare and benefit programs including Childcare, TANF, SNAP, Head Start, CPS and Foster Care.

CITI’s proprietary EBMS Eligibility rules engine can be quickly configured and applied to support various Welfare and Benefit programs for eligibility determination and Structured Decision Making (SDM) in case management and other modules such as:

  • Referral Determination
  • Case Management eligibility
  • Provider Management Permitting

Challenges faced by case management systems today

Localized Data - Current systems are often localized. Information is often stored in silos and not standardized. The data is not interoperable.

Reach and Portability -Social workers in the field still have to rely on paper based information which promotes inefficiencies and negatively impacts clients’ safety.

Difficult to use - Current systems replicate the complexity of the same paper based processes and do not consider passing on ease of access to the citizens that they serve.

System Modules

Benefit & Child Care Programs
  • Child Care Subsidy program at the state and county level
  • Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Child Welfare Program
EBMS caters to the Child welfare programs that are governed by the SACWIS (earlier) and CCWIS regulations by the Federal government. The system includes
  • Referrals (SDM)
  • Investigation (SDM)
  • Mobile Assessment (SDM)
  • Case management (Title IV E and Eligbility)
  • Provider management & Licensing
  • Finance management
Complementary Modules
  • Time and Attendance
  • Provider Portal
  • Permitting
  • Mobile/Tablet application for real time data capture and assessments in the field (offline and online mode)


Promotes swift and easy case intake

  • Allows  for quick capture of basic critical case information at the outset
  • Reduces time and labor-intensity of real time data capture
  • Allows flexibility of capturing data in multiple ways
  • Modular system to cater to CCWIS requirements
  • System built using a user centric and data driven approach to provide analytics to key stakeholders
  • Interactive dashboards for instant access to key analytical data

Wide variety of human services as part of the core business footprint

  • Covers the entire spectrum of human services programs like Child Welfare, Child Care, TANF, SNAP and Head Start
  • Supports Utility Assistance programs like “Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program" (LIHEAP)
  • CCWIS compliant with the ability to provide critical AFCARS, NCANDS and NYTD data to the agency

Calculate eligibility in real time

  • CITI’s proprietary business rules engine is highly configurable and responsive
  • Easily update business rule parameters without any prior technical knowledge
  • Create new rules or update old ones using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Title IV-E compliant for agency reporting requirements

Integrated case tracking and recording

  • Seamless case tracking and recording system
  • Standardizes application of case management policy throughout its user base
  • Supports case managers by providing a consistent set of protocols and tools

Integration with other government systems

  • Can be integrated to a variety of state and government systems (judicial, law enforcement) to incorporate mandated data exchange standards and document availability requirements of the client

Benefits/Key differentiators

  • Adherence to case management best practices by re-engineering core HHS business
  • Built on one of the most trusted technology stacks in the world
  • Reduces critical training time
  • CCWIS compliant for AFCARS, NCANDS and NYTD reporting
  • Supports mandated reports by ACF for Title IV-E agencies
  • Pick and choose the solution that suits your business needs and scal
  • Performance driven system results in reduced case turnaround times and costs
  • EBMS is device independent and can run on any mobile or handheld device
  • Data connectors available to integrate with all available complementary COTS and legacy systems