Integration Buddy – Better way to exchange health data

Integration Buddy by CITI Healthcare is a lightweight interface engine which addresses the business and technical challenges of data migration and healthcare system integration, providing solutions for all the leading interoperability challenges. This is a user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive solution that is easy to use by non-technical personnel (with minimum functional knowledge) to configure, test, and deploy the interfaces.


  • FHIR Compatible
  • Import/Export Interfaces
  • Supports All Message Types
  • Custom Role Creation
  • Supports All Connectivity Types
  • Rule-based Interface Routing
  • Visual Transformer - Drag and Drop
  • Visual Schema Editor
  • Test Transformer
  • Reduce Time and Complexity
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Integrated Document Conversion
  • Modular Architecture
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Low Cost & Effort

Core Features and Benefits

  • Visual Transformer - drag-and-drop mapper for data translation
  • Visual Schema Designer - easily create and edit complex message schemas
  • Automated/Prebuilt Extraction & Conversion Module - transforms data for analytics
  • Saves Time & Improves Productivity- by  seamlessly configuring, testing, and deploying interfaces

  • Dashboard to view the message statistic of each interface
  • Reliable tracking and reprocessing of messages
  • Configure interfaces by business users, even with minimal HL7/X12 knowledge
  • Future ready - Built on all the latest standards including FHIR

  • Rule-based message routing
  • Supports
    • HL7, X12, CCD, CCR standards and custom message formats
    • Non-Standard/Custom data formats like XML, JSON, Database, and SOAP
    • File Stream, FTP, TCP, ODBC, Web service, MSMQ and JMS transmission protocols
  • Test Transformer – Ensure the data mappings at the development stage