Patient Buddy - Powerful decision and analytics tool

CITI Healthcare’s Patient Buddy is a powerful decision and analytics tool that enables better clinical decision-making on the part of clinical staff. This application can also readily function as a Patient-Friendly Patient Information Portal that is fully integrated with the EHR enabling patient-scheduled follow-on appointments and re-ordering of medications; or can be used as a Mobile Patient Portal front-end! 


  • Better communication and interaction between the patient and care coordinator
  • Meaningful and actionable data for the Hospital Case Manager
  • Powerful analytics tools to view the patient’s progress
  • Sophisticated medication adherence tools that help keep the patient on track
  • Graphical feedback mechanism provides information to the patient on their progress
  • Keeps the patient motivated through gami­fication
  • Keeps the patient better informed which increases their compliance and reduces the cost to treat them
  • Patient Buddy can be integrated with any certi­fied EHR & HIE

A solution for the rising costs and penalties for Healthcare Oganizations (2015):

  • Readmission average cost: $12,000.00
  • Penalty for Medicare payments is up to 3%
  • $428M estimated total for readmissions penalties
  • 2,638 facilities were penalized. The highest penalty for a single facility was almost $3.3M.
  • 39 hospitals were penalized at least $1M.
  • Only 799 of the 3,400 hospitals subject to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program performed well enough on the CMS'
    30-day readmission program to face no penalty
  • $274K average penalty for hospitals
  • $10.7M is the amount of total penalty for the hospitals receiving the maximum 3%