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Your Challenge. Our Solution.

CITI Healthcare’s Migration & Archival Solution is a proven strategic approach for healthcare organizations transitioning to a new EHR.  Our holistic solution allows for a streamlined, smooth, cost effective implementation, with no downtime; and a sustained cash flow.

CITI’s end-to-end solution for migration and archival challenges follows a four component approach, ensuring that healthcare organizations have a tailored plan for data and revenue starting at pre-implementation to post –implementation. 

The four component approach includes: 


To understand current applications, workflows, milestones, staffing and data needs, CITI conducts a series of assessments that includes: application, architecture, business continuity/disaster recovery, cos/benefit analysis, A/R, staffing and interoperability assessments.


  • Strategic approach for legacy data and application retirement
  • Accurate inventory of technology, staffing, products & solutions
  • Tangible process from beginning to end

Storage Strategy

After determining the type and amount of data needed to be migrated and archived to sunset legacy applications, CITI works to deliver an optimal pathway for the utilization of current storage, planning for future storage, clear business continuity plan, and secure data.


  • Optimal storage utilization
  • Clear business continuity plan
  • Secure data
  • Increase performance

Data Retention & Interoperability

Data Retention & Interoperability is powered by two of CITI’s unique products: Data Archival and Interoperability Solution (DRIS) and Integration Buddy (IB). DRIS archives data and documents from clinical, financial, payer, human resources, and supply chain applications. DRIS enables providers to access legacy data at point of care while keeping patient in context; HIM for release of information; legal and compliance for audits.


  • Retire all legacy applications
  • Single source of truth
  • Supports release of information & audits
  • Smoother clinical transition
  • BI & Analytics

A/R Work Down 

A/R Work Down to ensure cash flow remains healthy during transition and allowing the legacy billing application to be retired; enabling current staff to transition from legacy to new platform.


  • Transition & migration strategy
  • Sustain cash flow
  • Business intelligence & reporting
  • Efficient collection support

Legacy Support: our professional consultant services, allow for organizations to fulfill their staffing needs during the different stages of implementation. 

Improve your revenue and lower your costs with CITI HealthCare

The revenue cycle services provided today require the best in technology, people and processes that evolve over time.  CITI Healthcare provides these services with a proven track record of lowering costs and increasing revenue. We are prepared to meet our clients’ diverse needs providing A/R analysis and solutions for overall financial improvement.


CITI’s Revenue Cycle Services include a custom approach needed by the organizations utilize to solve their business office pain points. Our approach allows organizations CITI’s services staff, processes and technology already in place, while increasing revenue. 

CITI Revenue Cycle Services

  • Eligibilty
  • Point of Service Collection
  • Claims Management
  • Coding
  • Denials Management
  • Collections
  • A/R Services
  • Billing
Patient Access
Charging and Coding
MACRA/MIPS Preparation
  • Increase accuracy in patient registration
  • Higher POS collections
  • Propensity to pay
  • Identification
  • Reduce denials
  • Lower overall cost
  • Better coding accuracy
  • Shorter time to complete coding process
  • Short and long term coding projects
  • Increase revenue with better compliance
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Denials reduction
  • Increase in overall revenue
  • Lower costs on backend
  • Reimbursement
  • Reduction in technology investment
  • Reduction in A/R days
  • Consulting services
  • Data services for MACRA compliance
  • On-going uutsourcing services for continued financial improvement
  • Physician education and training
  • Complete support during MACRA/MIPS
  • Eliminate financial risk