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Rachael Kerrick-Brucker, MSW, is the Director of the State and Local Business Unit and brings extensive child welfare practice and case management system expertise to CITI. Before joining CITI Rachael spent 21 years in state government child welfare working to make a difference for kids and families in Illinois. Prior to joining the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services in 1997, she worked in the private sector as a child welfare caseworker. Rachael also served as a caseworker at IDCFS and held various other positions as well as several leadership positions including Deputy Director of Permanency Practice and Associate Deputy of Information Technology and Strategic Planning. Rachael has been very active in policy development and co-authored many key practice procedures in Illinois. As part of her work with the IDCFS Office of Child and Family Policy Rachael worked closely with the agency’s Office of Legislative Affairs and was a significant contributor to procedures around safety and risk assessment, fictive kin, sibling contact, foster youth bill of rights, lifebook practice, significant events and overall permanency practice, including a 200 page instruction manual for direct service supervisors. Rachael was a certified trainer and contributor to numerous staff development curricula.

Rachael was a lead subject matter expert on the Illinois SACWIS (ICWIS) and spent many years serving as the product owner of case management systems. Rachael led many user groups and worked directly with users on system design. Rachael has always been passionate about permanency for children and youth and has continuously maintained a child and youth centric focus in her work with technology and innovation. In her role with CITI, Rachael brings this passion and expertise to a talented, engaged and dedicated team of technology experts, creating a perfect synergy for child welfare and human service product development. A strong proponent of human centered design, Rachael vows that user engagement is a must that cannot be overlooked. When she isn’t working with her amazing CITI team, Rachael enjoys time with family and friends. An avid Chicago Cubs fan, Rachael believes she’ll see another Cubs World Series in her lifetime. Rachael is also a bit of a dreamer.