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Coming onboard as CITI’s Chief Executive Officer for Healthcare Practices in 2015, Praveen Toteja now leads the strategic development of this growing area of the company. His main objectives are to keep CITI on top of the key healthcare IT market trends, as soon as they arise, and to provide the needed direction to ensure CITI maintains its top performance in the expanding segments of this market.

On the strength of his 32 years’ worth of in-depth understanding of the current technology trends, methodologies, and tools in the healthcare industry, and his keen grasp of the customer’s perspective, Mr. Toteja knows how to lead diverse groups across an organization to adopt new ideas and new ways of achieving their mission. He is an expert at applying innovative uses of technology in mission-critical (in fact, life-and-death-critical) environments to solve challenging problems, improve efficiency, and support business continuity. He earned his B.S.E.E. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University, Washington, DC.