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Unify – The power to dream, believe and achieve. Watch us in action at 2019 ISM Conference in Milwaukee

ISM Conference'19, September 22-25 | Milwaukee

While other solutions are touting worker productivity, we at CITI know that the biggest issue is not the efficiency of the workforce. Efficiency should be a bi-product of a good tool, but not the sole focus. With 500,000 children in foster care we need to act now to fix the pipeline from the foster care system to the department of corrections.

We guarantee a product that moves the needle on safety, permanency and wellbeing of children because we have partnered with academic researchers and subject matter experts - to develop a synergy that ignites innovation as our key differentiator.

Endorsed by experts, UNIFY is an experience and outcome focused, deployment ready, Child Welfare solution powered by the EBMS platform.

Learn how to simplify Child Welfare at Booth#231, ISM 2019 Conference in Milwaukee, WI.