About Patient Buddy

Patient Buddy works to streamline the case managers work-flow, by allowing them to easily monitor discharged patients using this powerful decision and analytics tool that enables better clinical decision-making on the part of the clinical staff.

CITI Healthcare’s Patient Buddy is a powerful decision and analytics tool that enables better clinical decision-making on the part of clinical staff. This application can also readily function as a Patient-Friendly, Patient Information Portal fully integrated with the EHR including Patient scheduling follow-on appointments, and re-ordering Meds, or can be used as a Patient Portal Mobile Front End!


Industry Facts

Patient Buddy can save $12,000 per patient by reducing readmissions!

Industry Facts

Rising Costs and Penalties for Healthcare Organizations (2015):

  • Readmission average cost: $12,000.00
  • Penalty for Medicare payments is up to 3%
  • $428M estimated total for readmissions penalties
  • 2,638 facilities were penalized. The highest penalty for a single facility was almost $3.3M
  • 39 hospitals were penalized at least $1M
  • 799 from 3,400 hospitals subject to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
  • Performed well enough on the CMS' 30-day readmission program to face no penalty
  • $274K average penalty for hospital
  • $10.7M is the amount of total penalty for the hospitals receiving the maximum 3%


  • Powerful analytics tools to view the patient’s progress
  • Sophisticated medication adherence tools that help keep the patient on track
  • Graphical feedback mechanism provides information to the patient on their progress
  • Patient Buddy can be integrated with any certified EHRs & HIEs
  • Streamlined workflow and anytime-anywhere communication
  • Case Manager Dashboard that tracks patient’s medication adherence, profiles, discharge instructions and doctor information
Patient Buddy Features



Better communication and interaction between the patient and care coordinator


Real-time Data
Provides meaningful and actionable data to the Hospital Case Manager


Keeps the patients motivated through gamification


Reduced Costs
Keeping the patient better informed which causes them to be more compliant and cost less to treat