CITI Healthcare joins the Nashville Technology Council

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 08:45
Nashville, TN

CITI announced today CITI Healthcare has joined the Nashville Technology Council, adding its name to some of the biggest names in the technology industry.

This new partnership will allow CITI Healthcare to connect, unite, develop and promote the booming technology industry in the area.

“CITI Healthcare has recognized the increased presence of both technology and IT firms, as well as healthcare organizations in the Nashville area, and we are committed to continually growing our brand in the Nashville market.  We know that an essential piece of that growth plan included becoming a member of the Nashville Technology Council, to help shape and promote  the great innovation that is happening in Nashville”, said Praveen Toteja, CEO of CITI Healthcare.

CITI Healthcare’s expertise in EHR and other healthcare applications on the market today allows clients to help optimize and modernize applications, create interoperability between healthcare applications, and decommission legacy applications with their Data Retention and Interoperability Solution, (DRIS).  Additionally, CITI Healthcare offers; Revenue Cycle Management Services, Legacy Support, and Managed IT Services.


For more information on CITI Healthcare, please visit our Nashville Technology Council Profile Here: