Integration Buddy – Better way to exchange health data

Integration Buddy is a lightweight interface engine which addresses the business and technical challenges of data migration and healthcare system integration. This is a user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive solution to configure, test, and deploy interfaces and ETL profiles. Integration Buddy can design ETL processes using routes that control workflows and data flows. This ETL process allows us to extract data from external data sources (like EMRs and Practice management systems), flow that data through several transformations such as sorting, filtering, and merging with other data and converting data types, and finally store the results at a destination chosen at time of design. This is a robust and powerful process that enables seamless integration and extraction via the configured data flows.


  • Import/Export Interfaces
  • Supports All Message Types
  • Custom Role Creation
  • Supports All Connectivity Types
  • Rule-based Interface Routing
  • Visual Transformer - Drag and Drop
  • Visual Schema Editor
  • Test Transformer
  • Reduce Time and Complexity
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Integrated Document Conversion
  • Modular Architecture
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Low Cost & Effort


Core Features and Benefits


  • Visual Transformer - Drag and drop mapper for data translation
  • Visual Schema Designer - Easily create and edit complex message schemas
  • Automated/Prebuilt Extraction & Conversion Module - transforms data for analytics
  • Saves Time & Improves Productivity- by  seamlessly configuring, testing, and deploying interfaces

  • Dashboard to view the message statistic of each interface
  • Reliable tracking and reprocessing of messages
  • Configure interfaces by business users, even with minimal HL7/X12 knowledge

  • Rule-based message routing
  • Supports
    • HL7, X12, CCD, CCR standards and custom message formats
    • Non-Standard/Custom data formats like XML, JSON, Database, and SOAP
    • File Stream, FTP, TCP, ODBC, Web service, MSMQ and JMS transmission protocols
  • Test Transformer – Ensure the data mappings at the development stage