manageID is the first modular, workflow centric identity solution built to allow customization using breakthrough configuration methodologies and technologies. Now, mission-critical identity applications that protect public safety and national security can be brought to life with extreme speed — and efficiency. The manageID framework features easily customizable-based templates and specialized components. These templates feature built-in best practices for common identity applications for immigration and travel, voter registration, national ID / driver licensing, border management, law enforcement, badging and loyalty programs. These templates allow you to configure and deploy applications faster than you ever imagined possible — delivering a rapid return on investment (ROI), and low total cost of ownership (TCO). manageID’s Web 2.0 framework can also be implemented as SaaS solution, which allows you to mimimize your infrastructure costs in deploying common identity programs as well as realize the efficiencies of cloud based systems.

manageID® — now FIPS 201 certified

Creative Information Technology, Inc. (CITI), announced that the FICAM version of its manageID® product has been FIPS 201 certified and listed on the GSA Approved Products List. CITI President and CEO Sunil Kolhekar remarked, in announcing the good news, "I want to congratulate everyone in our identity management business unit for their tireless work in a complex R&D effort to make our market-leading product compliant with this federal security standard, HSPD-12.”

manageID powers person-centric identity, credentialing and access management (ICAM) solutions worldwide. The manageID Framework, a single, open development framework (or ecosystem), and its add-on application modules deliver significant discriminators and benefits to border management, law enforcement, military, intelligence, elections, and other sectors. manageID is certified for classified networks and also operational in the cloud.

And now, manageID is a fully integrated Identity and Credential Management System built on FICAM standards. The system includes the entire credential management lifecycle including enrollment, adjudication, production and issuance of PIV smart cards as well as integration with Logical Access Control Systems and Physical Access Control Systems. Now a FIPS 201 certified product, U.S. federal agencies can consider leveraging manageID’s Smart Card module to issue smart cards to all eligible personnel, and thereby realize significant cost savings through the modernization possible through manageID.