Health and Human Services/Child Welfare and Benefits Solutions

CITI has a robust Health & Human Services line of products and solutions that support the various business needs of local and state governments.

We believe our clients benefit from our comprehensive Health & Human Services solutions by:

  • Reducing Cost
  • Providing 360˚ Data visibility across programs
  • Maintaining Data security and integrity
  • Optimizing programs
  • Configurable eligibility engine
  • Scalable to size of operations
  • Simplified and engaging user experience through delivering solutions built on Human Centered Design

Eligibility Benefits Management System is our platform for State and Local Child Welfare comprehensive case management CCWIS solutions and Benefits Management

Eligibility Benefit Management System

  • A reusable and highly configurable enterprise health and human services platform
  • Rapid application development for all Case Management lifecycles
  • In built lightweight data interfacing engine for complex data consolidation and migration
  • Caters to all Federal and State benefit/welfare programs such as:


    • Child Care
    • TANF
    • SNAP
    • Provider Licensing and Inspections


    • Intake and Referral
    • Investigation/ Child Protective Services
    • Case Management
    • Placement/Foster Care
    • Adoption
    • Financial Management/Eligibility Management
    • Administration
  • A proprietary Eligibility Engine configurable to the needs of your department
  • Mobility driven Safety Assessments, Inspections & Permitting
  • Time & Attendance
  • Enhanced Case Features such as Placement Plus-Best Match. A state-of-the-art placement matching function, powered by ECAP™ (Every Child A Priority), that assists in establishing the best placement options for children and youth in the foster care system. ECAP™
  • Unify is fully mobile and the mobile application supports online and offline functionality.

Unify our, COTS and Enterprise-Ready Child Welfare CCWIS solution built on the EBMS platform is a reusable and highly configurable Case Management System for Child Welfare. Unify is built on a foundation of core domain experience gained from deep collaboration with customers and child welfare subject matter experts. Unify is a complete lifecycle case management system designed to support child welfare business practices from intake to post permanency/adoption. Unify supports all business processes in juvenile justice and adult service programs as well.

Unify is implementation ready and meets all CCWIS requirements for modularity, interoperability, mobility, and data quality, accessibility and integration. Because our solution was designed with and for child welfare experts, the user experience and derived benefits to the overall practice are substantial.