About Arise

CITI’s Early Development Management System (Arise) is a case management system engineered to facilitate and augment Child Care subsidy requirements at the State and County level.

Core Domain Expertise
Arise’s design leverages the vast domain experience of active Child Care Case Managers and Providers. Built on the Empower platform, Arise bears the hallmark of excellence and technology expertise. Arise automates key workflows, reduces case workloads and improves overall case worker efficiencies.

  • Complexity
  • Localization
  • Automation

3600 View of Family and Provider Services

Arise Core Domain Expertise


  • Unified Case Intake
  • Role and User Management
  • Reduce Time and Complexity
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Integrated Document Conversion
  • Modular Architecture
  • Reduced Training Curves
  • Low Cost & Effort

Cutting-edge Technology


Case management on the cloud


Effective Mobility


Dynamic process management


Personalized reporting tools



User Friendly and Intuitive
Guarantees an overall improvement in the agency’s quality of care and reduces critical training time.


Effective Mobility
Mobile enabled inspection module to conduct inspections and log observations and results remotely.


Online/Off-line Scenarios
Allows Case Worker and Childcare specialists with continuity of operations without dependency on network uptimes.

Highly Configurable Rules Engine
Automate and execute existing business policies and introduce new ones to effectively govern your enterprise.


Case Management on the Cloud
Achieve better results at lesser overall costs.


Faster and Efficient
Dynamic Process Management.


Integration Services
Interoperability and synergy across all inter and intra governmental / enterprise based systems.


Personalized Reporting Tools
Improves efficiency, accountability, and accuracy for effective decision making.


Business Process Excellence
Adherence to best practices by re-engineering core HHS business processes to deliver benefits across the value chain.