About DataInsights

DataInsights is a high performance Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution to improve program management and decision-making across a wide spectrum of Health and Human Services.

Better Data, Better Insights, Better Outcomes

Most State and Local Health and Human Services agencies grapple with the challenges of inconsistent data sharing, lack of alignment between stakeholders, disparate data sources, and outdated legacy systems. Simply put, they do not receive the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

Powered by CITI, DataInsights addresses these challenges by providing an integrated and centralized data warehouse - to capture and maintain all critical case and administrative data from clients, agencies, and caseworkers. Its highly sophisticated and easy to use dashboard and reporting system can help agencies and caseworkers identify risk, unravel patterns, and gain meaningful insights for faster, accurate decision-making. Whether it is childcare, child welfare services, access to food assistance, benefits programs and more, DataInsights enhances the confidence of agencies and caseworkers to make timely decisions with a high level of accuracy.

DataInsights can help your organization attain analytics maturity and provide the edge you need to excel in your HHS endeavors. CITI’s mission is to redefine how people provide, receive, and experience Health and Human Services. After all, it’s not just about cases, but lives!



Next Generation Technology


Integrated Warehouse


Reporting Systems


Data Visualization


Predictive Analytics

Key Features

  • Trend analysis and alerts
  • Easy to implement and use
  • AI enabled predictive analytics and modeling
  • Enterprise-wide link to diverse data sources
  • Complete cloud-based COTS solution
  • Personalized and responsive dashboards
  • Real-time big data integration
  • Drilldown and ad-hoc business reporting
  • Built-in ETL capability
  • Offline report scheduling
  • Highly secure