About DataConnect

DataConnect is a leading interoperability platform to modernize ETL and interface development workflow which addresses the business and technical challenges of data migration and healthcare system integration.

True Interoperability for Healthcare Systems

DataConnect is a user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive solution to configure, test, and deploy interfaces and ETL profiles. It enables ecosystem integration and real-time interaction with other entities to help achieve your digital transformation goals. With reduced time-to-market and implementation costs, you are assured of reduced opex, and achieving best ROI results.

interoperability for healthcare systems


DRIS can archive Clinical, Patient accounting, Images, Payer, supply chain, ERP and ancillary data.

Next Generation Technology


Artificial Intelligence


Autopilot Mode


Modular Architecture


Machine Learning

Key Features

  • FHIR Compatible
  • Interactive Dashboards with Built-in BI
  • Rule Based Integration and Routing
  • Visual Transformer - Drag and Drop
  • Visual Schema Designer
  • On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid Hosting
  • Re-usability of Existing Interfaces
  • Track and Reprocess Messages
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Record/Audit Trail of Errors
  • Standardized Error and Exception Logging

Ecosystem Integration Capabilities

Ecosystem Integration Capabilities

Security Features

  • Messaging Supports FHIR 4.0, HL7, X12, NCPDP, IHE, DICOM, XML, Binary and Legacy Formats
  • Web Services Compatible with SOAP, REST, (s)FTP, Database and TCP Protocols
  • Multi-Modular Integration, Extraction and Conversion - Discrete and Document Conversion
  • Capacity Upgrades Allows incremental increase in capacity to meet expansion in usage demands/ transaction volume
  • Single Sign-On
  • Identity and Access Control
  • Federated Identity Management
  • Encryption Algorithms 5 Role-Based and Group-Based Access


We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to see the holistic view of a record and with the proprietary algorithmic interpretation of the key elements, we make data connection decisions. These decisions help us build our Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to automate data interpretation and translation. These features and more, lead us to an Autopilot (AP) mode with a low-touch solution costing less in resources and time.

The Changing Landscape of the Healthcare Data Industry

Changing Landscape of the Healthcare Data Industry According to a 2014 Report by International Data Corporation (IDC) health data is growing at the rate of 48% annually. Health data has the potential to fundamentally transform the future of healthcare, however managing this data is one of the key challenges. A first step is to make EMRs interoperable, so that information can be freely shared with as many providers as the patients wish. Truly interoperable records will lead not only to overall improvements in the efficiency of the healthcare system, but to better health outcomes as well.

Data Predictions Made Easy

Data Predictions Made Easy