We provide our government and commercial clients with real-world solutions that offer the right blend of long-term functionality and quality as well as affordability


Who We Are?

Established in 1996, headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, and with offices throughout the greater Washington, DC area as well as in South Asia and Europe, CITI is a global and diversely talented organization of IT and business professionals.


Our Mission

CITI's mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that enable our clients to succeed in their daily missions.


What We Do?

CITI offers a full portfolio of IT products and services for government and commercial customers. Our offices include a state-of-the-art development integration lab and testing facility, where we both develop systems and explore advanced technologies on behalf of our customers.


Our Vision

CITI's vision is to be a preferred Information Technology solution provider while promoting and maintaining the most qualified and diverse professional staff available in the industry.

We have undertaken a mission to develop enterprise-level products  that are flexible, scalable, adaptable and dynamically configurable

Over more than a decade, CITI has invested and developed game-changing enterprise-level products such as… A turn-key identity, credential, and access management SaaS offering (manageID®) | A cutting edge enterprise case management system tailored to handle all local, state and federal welfare and benefit  requirements (EBMS) | A Data Retention & Interoperability Solution (DRIS) that has been designed to decommission legacy applications and data, resulting in tangible opex savings | A 21 century mobile health app for patient case management (Patient Buddy™) | A next generation retail business management suite for commercial and government customers (Spectrum)


manageID is the first modular, workflow centric identity solution built to allow customization using breakthrough configuration methodologies and technologies. Now, mission-critical identity applications that protect public safety and national security can be brought to life with extreme speed — and efficiency.

Eligibility Benefit Management System (EBMS)

CITI’s EBMS is a reusable and highly configurable application which allows for effective decision making across a wide spectrum of Human Services. EBMS is built on a foundation of core domain experience gained from deep collaboration with clients and end users.

Patient Buddy - Powerful decision and analytics tool

CITI Healthcare’s Patient Buddy is a powerful decision and analytics tool that enables better clinical decision-making on the part of clinical staff. This application can also readily function as a Patient-Friendly Patient Information Portal that is fully integrated with the EHR enabling patient-scheduled follow-on appointments and re-ordering of medications; or can be used as a Mobile Patient Portal front-end!  

Integration Buddy – Better way to exchange health data

Integration Buddy by CITI Healthcare is a lightweight interface engine which addresses the business and technical challenges of data migration and healthcare system integration, providing solutions for all the leading interoperability challenges. This is a user-friendly, flexible, and comprehensive solution that is easy to use by non-technical personnel (with minimum functional knowledge) to configure, test, and deploy the interfaces.


An innovative, leading edge solution, Spectrum addresses the typical challenges faced by Retailers through a feature-rich, scalable, robust and reliable solution.

Solutions that continue to help commercial, federal, state and local governments meet today's complex and often global challenges. 

Mission Statement and Core Values that revolve around Customer Success & Dynamic Pratice Area that evolve with evolving technology

CITI’s “big data” solutions provide performance dashboard user interfaces transcending Government Agency enterprise data stores, applying data analytics and modeling, and presenting real-time, mission critical, decision information.Our experience and expertise is in product Integration for the development of next generation solutions for an enterprise; requiring case management, content management, and/or knowledge management using SOA architecture and providing access through desktop, laptop, portable and mobile devices.

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We have undertaken a mission to develop enterprise-level products that are flexible, scalable, adaptable and dynamically configurable

CITI delivers it solutions and services through strategically-aligned Practice Areas, each concentrating on specific products, services and market segments while working together as a cohesive and integrated team of resources.

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