About Empower

Empower - CITI’s enterprise ready HHS platform, allows for effective program management and decision making across a wide spectrum of Health and Human Services.

Core Domain Expertise
Empower is built on a foundation of core domain experience gained through deep engagement and collaboration with clients and end users. Empower supports federal and state child welfare and benefit programs including Child Welfare, Foster Care, Child Care, TANF, SNAP and Head Start. Empower’s Eligibility Rules Engine can be quickly configured and applied to support various Welfare and Benefit programs for eligibility determination and assisted decision making in case management.



Supporting various interfaces either as complete external systems or behind-the-scenes integration that allows for a single seamless user experience.



Components can be deployed individually or collectively and can be reused in support of business needs



All Applications built on the Platform are highly performant.



Applications render perfectly on mobile devices of all sizes and operating systems



Multi layer architecture allows for rapid scalability.

Empower Platform


Empower Value Proposition

  • Technology
    The Empower platform allows rapid solution deployment for all case management lifecycles. Its core is built on the latest technology platform to negate obsolescence and provide wider program coverage. All products built on the Empower platform are fully responsive and function on all mobile devices.
  • Integration
    Empower enables seamless integration with all technology infrastructural components and comes bundled with data binders to all formats to seamlessly integrate legacy data. Its built-in lightweight data interfacing engine makes complex data consolidation and migration easier.
  • Security
    Empower’s dynamic, customizable and data-specific workflows promote security of information shared through the value chain.

Child Welfare Management

  • Intake and Referral
  • Investigation / Child Protective Services
  • Case Management
  • Placement, Foster Care and Adoption
  • Financial Management / Eligibility Management
  • Eligibility Engine for Policy and Business Process Management
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Benefits Management

  • Child Care
  • TANF
  • SNAP
  • Provider Licensing and Inspections
  • Mobility-driven Home Assessments, Site Inspections and Provider Permitting
  • Time and Attendance
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Built by industry experts with over 30 years social service solution expertise, Empower addresses real-life challenges of case workers using human centered design approaches.

  • Improves outcomes for individuals, children and families.
  • Helps HHS professionals focus on service people.
  • Significantly improves user experience.
  • Agencies accomplish their technology vision.

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