CITI has maintained its growth utilizing data warehouse and business intelligence concepts. CITI develops, maintains, and extends metadata repositories with organizationally-wide information. CITI provides an enterprise data model to map critical data elements and their interrelationships across the organization. CITI also advises and guides Data Reference Model (DRM) implementation with ready access to standard reference tables as well as identifying key information flows, control flows and interdependencies to structure complex and disorganized data.

CITI offers real-time business intelligence that enables customers to see across the enterprise and its data stores and make critical, time sensitive decisions and identifying potential issues well before they impact the organization.

CITI’s DataOps solutions provide faster cycle times to analytics for Government Agencies. CITI uses Agile development methodology along with DevOps continuous integration and deployment automations to speed data delivery to end-users and rapidly create operational analytics. We are proficient in both traditional warehousing tools such as SAP Data Services and Informatica for ETL and SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and Tableau for visualization. CITI is also into DataOps focused tools such as Compostable and Data Kitchen. We are able to rapidly integrate data, use distributed architectures including FedRAMP clouds, a variety of tools, and securely deliver to users. We automate the data flows and measure cycle times to continuously improve. We care about governance to ensure the definitions and lineage of data have a common understanding for all everyone using the data.

Core Capabilities and Practices