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Shashi Roy is the CEO of the State and Local Business Unit and is at the forefront of CITI's rapidly growing industry vertical. He has spent the past two decades promulgating an industry-wide shift to adopt simplified user-centered technologies in complex domains. He has helped shape products and services to be ‘game changers’ in the social services marketplace.

Throughout his tenure with CITI, Shashi has architected, developed and delivered enterprise level systems across a wide range of technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, various open source and the Cloud for a large number of satisfied government clients.

Shashi has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building world class products. He is responsible for managing and implementing the business model, defining strategic innovation initiatives and partner engagement for our State and Local focused products portfolio, which is projected to be one of CITI's next giant growth opportunities.

Shashi is also recognized for wearing multiple hats – A team player, architect, program manager, problem solver, avid listener, and passionate speaker to name a few.

Profoundly driven and a perfectionistic by nature, Shashi is equally committed to his clients and team. A calculated risk-taker with deep techno-functional industry knowledge, Shashi's primary focus has been to champion the customer-centric model of product and services delivery and embracing the core values of integrity and innovation. With these goals in mind, he devotes his time to analyzing market macroeconomic and operating structures to ensure flawless delivery and client satisfaction.

Shashi holds a BS in Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

Shashi relaxes In his spare time by taking long walks and enjoying movie marathons. True to his aptitude, he also spends a significant amount of time understanding and experimenting with emerging technology.