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Joe Richardson joined CITI in 2006 and has provided technical leadership in system design and architecture for CITI products and projects spanning multiple industries including healthcare, health and human services, identity management, and analytics.  In addition to his role as an architect, Joe has enjoyed mentoring the next generation of CITI’s system architects and team leads.

Joe brings 20+ years of experience designing and developing enterprise level systems, starting out initially as a database developer and then on to a full-stack engineer working with thick client, web technologies, and distributed systems in development as well as deployment.  Through this broad experience developing enterprise systems, Joe understands the importance of proper system design and utilizes loosely-coupled architectures to achieve scalable, reliable, performant, and testable systems that organically align with the world of containers and micro services.

Prior to joining CITI, Joe was the CIO of an actuarial consulting firm based out of California where he designed and developed actuarial software used to calculate premium and claim reserves as well as insurance rates.  These systems incorporated an ETL process with automated data cleansing and normalization as well as data diagnostics resulting in a highly efficient analytical pipeline.

Joe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science from Clemson University.