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Global Enterprise Administration

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

DOS administrators at 220 overseas posts were creating standalone, duplicate solutions. CITI helped DOS consolidate 15 apps into a core software suite that provides a standardized look and shares system functionality. The web portal version enables real-time data-sharing across the global organization—to-date, more than 4 million transactions! DOS executives and overseas users have praised the application for the increased efficiency, cost savings, error reduction, and improved user experience.

After it determined that users based at its more than 220 overseas posts were creating home-grown, standalone applications—duplicate solutions for repetitive administration functions vital to their day-to-day operations—the State Department knew it needed a lasting, more efficient solution for its global administrative organization. CITI helped DOS consolidate and integrate 15 different apps into a core set of standard applications with the same look and feel, all under a common security and user interface framework. This web portal provides a central platform for transparent exchanges between internal customers and service providers known as eServices that, to-date, has processed more than 4 million service requests involving data sharing between applications. The increased efficiency, cost savings, error reduction, and improved user experience for its global workforce has elicited high praise from both Washington-based DOS process owners and many of the users at international posts.