Be Cognizant of Who Can Access Your Data

Providing a seamless user experience while maintaining strong cyber defense capabilities is a challenging task for any organization in a dynamic technology ecosystem. With manageID control the entire lifecycle for an identity (and corresponding access) as it progresses, from establishing the identity, provisioning downstream applications, and termination/archival of the identity record. During this process, manageID solution orchestrates the relationships between identities, and all of the linked, underlying credentials and access. Streamline Access and Lifecycle Management with manageID.

Key Features


Access Roles/Profiles


Access Request & Approval Workflows


Access Lifecycle Management


Business Rules and Automation


Access Certification & Attestation


Training Enforcement

The manageID® Advantage

Our access management and governance product allow organizations to have a very high level of assurance that the right people have the right access at any given time. Reduce the need for manual labor and eliminate human error for access assurance.